About Steve

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Originally from North Bay, Ontario, Steve Vossos now lives in Kelowna, BC, and is a self-taught artist.  Throughout his childhood, he developed a love for drawing comics.  Over time, Steve taught himself how to paint with watercolours to enhance his pen and ink drawings.  His interest in literature led him to obtain an Honors English Degree at the University of Alberta.

Steve creates works of imagination using watercolour and pen and ink.  Most of his paintings are of birds and animals set in imaginary landscapes.  Steve’s method consists of visualizing what he would like to create, sketching it in pencil, then laying down an initial watercolour wash.  Then, as new aspects are revealed in the wash stage, Steve uses dry brush watercolour to enhance the overall look, and pen and ink to overlay detailed patterns and textures.

Steve has also adapted and self-published two black and white graphic novels of ‘A Christmas Carol’, and ‘The Pilgrim’s Progress’.

Creating art has always been essential to Steve’s life.  He has pursued art for many decades, always making time for it throughout his working life.

Steve is grateful to be retired and blessed with the gift of ample time to spend creating and doing what he loves, which now includes showing and selling his original works, prints, and graphic novels.

To purchase graphics novels or artwork prints, contact BooInk at booinkart@gmail.com.